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・Pro-cat enrolls in CFA and TICA.
・We undergo blood test (FIP, FeLV, FIV), periodical medical examination. (animal hospital: Tama Clark animal Hospital)
・It has been checked enlargement type cardiomyopathy (parents normal homomodel)
・Our cattery does not wholesale to Pet Shop.

Neon: (Blue tortie point bicolor)
It was born in June 26, 2016
Origin of the name: It is neo-karamoraimashita of movie matrix in being fan of Keanu Reeves.
Characteristic: It is spoilt child of only child like child forever.
It is wonder that is closer to Elizabeth than TIFFANY of mom.
TICA Champion

Cats which retired

Mom: konatsu (Blue point bicolor)
It was born in June 22, 2014.
It is tomboy of spoilt child.
Play is coquettish girl given priority still more.

Mom: Elizabeth (Blue point bicolor)
It was born in April 30, 2011.
It is slightly small, but is shaken by nothing.
It is gentle girl who is full of friendly curiosity.

Daddy: Chris (cream by color)
It was born in February 10, 2010.
We are active and talk well well.
It is child who character is calm, and is kind to person.
Very good-looking.

Mom: Pixy (Blue point bicolor)
It was born in May 20, 2008.
Girl who is good the word cool beauty.
There is summer native with beautiful face admiring unexpectedly, and there is aspect, too.

Mom: TIFFANY (Blue point bicolor)
It was born in April 24, 2011.
TICA Champion
It is girl who is very naughty, and is tolerant.
We love to be idle by princess type.