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Thought to sweetpixy

It is fairy who is sweet when we translate literally. (^^ ゞ

It was fairy to have hit when we met ragdoll for the first time.

We had both attractiveness and the softness like fairy

This is because it was cat.

We did for cattery name called sweetpixy from such an image.

About cat called ragdoll
Called "soft and fluffy stuffed toy such as rag" have a meaning.
■The place of origin
The United States
Long hair class
There is majority in blue point, seal point, chocolate point, faun point, the blue toe tea points, Blue point mitted

It is large-scale kind born by complicated mating.
Female is considerably smaller than male.
As for the female, around 4-5 kg, male become around 5-7 kg.
The degree of growth is slow, and hue of hair is completed for approximately two years after birth.
Frame is solid heavily firmly. (male in particular)
The feature of cover hair of the feel such as silk is that only the circumference of neck gets longer than other parts.
It is calm and is obedient for owner. It may not call intensely without being calm, and being timid.
We love play. Orientation is said to be strong in comparison with other kinds.
Cover hair is semi-long, but care is easy.
We can maintain wonderful beautiful coat of hair by periodical grooming.
There is little falling hair left to body by result with a little Shimoge. Pill does not come at most.