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Charged transfer condition
・House to live which can breed cat
・Getting agreement of the whole family
・One (when there is ex-chief priest cat, shitsunaishi comes over equally that kanzenshitsunaishi comes over and can breed
 We ask)
・Where there is shuyoshiiku with responsibility
・Expense that there are continuous incomes such as salaries, and is enough for breeding for the future
 One that we can secure
・Polyarchy is impossible of breeding (more than four of them)
・Do not transfer cat to another person
・Do not be resale, pet distributor
・Pet type castrates, and contraception is required
・One that can approve burden of medical expenses even in the case of hereditary attack after sale
・Person whom contraception, castration can give appropriate medical care such as vaccine, periodical medical examination, attack before sexual excitement together
・We are glad when he/she informs pretty growth process even several times in year
・Please talk about transfer from 1 year old to around 3 years old

About handing over of cat or visit
・Please transmit item which is indispensable to inquiry after entry.
 -The name (the generation)
 -Phone number
 -The number of breeding cats
 -Thought to cat※
 Please easily fill in o.
 ※For example,
  One without breeding experience…
  Favorite place of self-PR and ragdoll,
  Write breeding environment.
  One with breeding experience…
  Thing that was serious at breeding career of cat class and ill time,
  Write breeding environment.

Apply for person wanting visit than form.

・It is said that child is to two people in where is higher than primary schoolchild.
・As visit is possible anytime (regular holiday Thursday), come (during from 11:00 to 19:00).
・Please prefer payment method to cash, card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), transfer.
・Air transportation from Haneda Airport of direct flight there is (as freight is handled, meeting at airport is necessary).
・Person around Tokyo being able to come to pick up by car.

Thing which is necessary in breeding
・Restroom (system restroom recommendation)
・Carry-back (for movement)
・Tableware (for water for rice)
・Nail clippers (for exclusive use of cat)
・Brush (comb, famineta)
・Cat tower (thing of recommended cotton rope)

There should be
・Gauge (as hammock is attached, it is convenient)
・Dry foods preservation container
・Shampoo (for cat)
・Deodorization, disinfectant (pal X recommendation)

※In the case of ragdoll, we do not recommend collar.
※Microchip recommendation.